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SRC: How to Start a USABO Club

USABO/Biology Clubs

Canyon Crest High School Biology Club, San Diego, CA. President: 

Clements Biolympiad (William P. Clements HS), Sugarland, TX. President/Founder: Nithin Parsan, E: Website: (Under construction)

Gunn Biolympiad Club, Palo Alto, CA. Co-president: Jamie Huang, E:  

Oak Ridge High School USABO Clu, Oak Ridge, TN. President: 

Paul Laurence Dunbar Biolympiad Club, Lexington, KY, President: Mohammad Rashad. Website: (still under construction) and

Princeton High School Biolympiad, Princeton, NJ. Founder Jasper Lee 

Radnor High School, Radnor, PA. President: Alexander Skvortsov. Website:

Seven Lakes High School Biolympiad Club, Katy TX. 

Thomas Jefferson School of Science & Technology Biolympiad Club, Alexandria, VA. Captain: Anthony Kang (Min Kang)

Lydia You presents lecture on fish anatomy.

Vista del Lago High School Biolympiad Club President: Vishal Saikrishnan, Folsom, CA

Washington High School USABO Club, Founder and President: Devanshi Thanki, Fremont, CA

WW-P International Science Olympiads Club, West Windsor-Plainsboro High School South & West Windsor-Plainsboro High School North, West Windsor, NJ, Founder & President: Shannon Weng & Tai Wai Hu

White Station High School Biolympiad Team, Secretary: Nilai Vemula

USABO Team/Club Strategies

  1. Identify a teacher or administrator be your club sponsor.
  2. Have your teacher or administrator register for the USABO.
  3. Register for the USABO once your teacher or administrator has registered your school.
  4. Recruit students via social media, posters and fliers.
  5. Recruitment advice from student Alexander Chan (Rowland High School):
    • First, a student needs to have some courage and not be intimidated by the USABO. I believe rying out for the USABO is very tough and a student is not obligated by anyone to make it through to the next round.
    • Second, there are more people who are interested in the USABO in your school than you think. I sent a post through my Facebook Wall and sent a post to the Science Olympiad team Group Page, the IB group page, and other Facebook group pages that might be interested in the Biology Olympiad.
    • Third, I found a teacher that was willing to sponsor and set a fixed cost to cover the expenses of registration for the participants and set the date of the competition.
    • Fourth, I sent an e-mail to all the Science Olympiad Club members at our school. (I asked the club president for permission to advertise the USABO with the name of Science Olympiad. I am the Science Olympiad club Secretary.)
    • Fifth, since our Science Olympiad team is very prominent among the Science Department in our school, I sent an email to all the Science teachers in our school asking them to mention the USABO to their students.
    • Sixth, I designed a flier for the USABO and posted 80 of them around my school, and in classrooms. Click here to see my flier.
  6. Acquaint them with the topic areas of the exam:
    • Cell Biology
    • Plant Anatomy and Physiology
    • Animal Anatomy and Physiology
    • Ethology
    • Genetics and Evolution
    • Ecology
    • Biosystematics
  7. Use these suggested resources to begin.
  8. Share insights about the USABO from
    1. Rebecca (Becky) Shi’s experience (First Place, 2011 International Biology Olympiad). Click here to read about Becky’s journey to the IBO.
    2. Nikhil Buduma (IBO Gold Medalist 2012 & 2013) from his talk May 1, 2014 at the Capitol Hill Luncheon, Washington, DC. Click here.
    3. Thomas Xiong's experience (IBO Gold Medalist 2016 & 2017). Click here to read Thomas' life lessons from the USABO and IBO.
  9. Visit the USABO site The information will provide an overview of the program for students. This year, the Student Resource Center is being updated with information regarding what to study and some tools to use for study.
  10. Visit the International Biology Olympiad (IBO) site to obtain an overview of the IBO. The USABO is structured similarly.
  11. The team should start to strategize and form a plan of study for the content to include resources, speakers, practice sessions, and lab time.
  12. Click here for the 2020 USABO Brochure and 2020 USABO Poster.