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SRC: How to Start a USABO Club

USABO/Biology Clubs



New Jersey



  • Thomas Jefferson School of Science & Technology Biolympiad Club, Alexandria, VA. Captain: Anthony Kang (Min Kang)

Lydia You presents lecture on fish anatomy.

USABO Honor Code and Exam Instructions

Click here to view the 2021USABO Open Exam Student Cerifcation containing Homor Code and Instructions

USABO Team/Club Strategies

  1. Steps to setting up your USABO Club.
  2. Use these suggested resources to begin.
  3. Share insights about the USABO from
    1. Rebecca (Becky) Shi’s experience (First Place, 2011 International Biology Olympiad). Click here to read about Becky’s journey to the IBO.
    2. Nikhil Buduma (IBO Gold Medalist 2012 & 2013) from his talk May 1, 2014 at the Capitol Hill Luncheon, Washington, DC. Click here.
    3. Thomas Xiong's experience (IBO Gold Medalist 2016 & 2017). Click here to read Thomas' life lessons from the USABO and IBO..
  4. Visit the International Biology Olympiad (IBO) site to obtain an overview of the IBO. The USABO is structured similarly.
  5. The team should start to strategize and form a plan of study for the content to include resources, speakers, practice sessions, and lab time.
  6. Click here for the 2021 USABO Brochure and 2021 USABO Poster.