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USABO 2017 to 2018 Calendar

October 2017

October 2

Registration Opens

January 2018

January 16

January 22

School Registration Closes

Student Registration Closes

January 30

Deadline for payment of Registration Fee ($80.00/school)

February 2018

February 7 to 17

Open Exam Administered

February 18

Last day for mailing Open Exams to CEE

March 2018

March 15

Semi-finalists posted to website (top 10% or 500 students)

March 27 to 31

Semi-Final Examination Administered

April 2018

April 1

Last day for mailing Semi-Final Exams to CEE

April 26

National Finalists posted to website (top 20 + ties)

June 2018

June TBD

National Finals, Universityof California, San Diego

June TBD

Announcement of Awards and Team USA members

June TBD

Instruction and Mentoring of Team USA in preparation for IBO

July 2017

July 23 to  30

International Biology Olympiad in Coventry, United Kingdom