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USABO: Guidelines and Eligibility

High Schools

Returning Schools/ Institutions

After a school’s or an authorized USABO Test Center's registration fee of $95 has been received (Payment is due no later than January 15, 2021, the school’s or Center's account will be activated. The teacher/administrator will receive an email confirming that payment has been made and that they now have access to the Teacher Resource Center (TRC). To do so, the teacher/administrator should log in on the USABO Homepage with his/her unique ID number received by email and the password s/he created at registration.The USABO does not retain passwords. If a password is forgotten, please create a new one using the online Password Feature.


Before a registered school's/institution's account may be activated, the account will be reviewed. If necessary, a request may be sent to provide documentation and proof of compliance with the following:

  • Nonprofit status
  • No student service fees  
  • State certified teacher as the lead test administrator
  • Website address
  • Supervisor/Principal/Head compliance
  • Absence of any commercial conflicts of interests to include, but not limited to private tutoring by staff members or tutoring as a function of the school/institution.

Test Administrators are encouraged to nominate all students who are interested in taking the Open Exam, particularly students who have taken advanced or AP biology courses or the equivalent.

Student Registration

Students may register for the USABO after Student Registration opens. They can access some resources in the Student Corner such as Learn How to Start a USABO Club and Suggested Study Resources. Students may only access the Student Resource Center (SRC) after their school's $95 registration fee has been received and the school's or Institution's account has been activated.

Each student who is taking the exam must register for the current year's USABO. ID numbers are valid for one year. Test Administrators and Students must register for the current year of the USABO. Students should click here to register for the 2021 USABO. Once a student has registered, the student receives his/her own unique ID number that will allow him/her access to the resources on the Student Resource Center (SRC) after the registration fee is received for his/her school or Center. This unique student ID number MUST be used for all USABO exams and is only valid for the current year.

A student may register for the USABO with another school through the “My school is not participating in the 2021 USABO” feature found on the USABO Homepage. There is a caveat. If the student progresses to the Semifinal or Finals, the host  school, not the student's school of record,  will  be recognized as supporting them in pursuing the USABO. You may register when the site is open to have a school potentially identified as a host school. While every effort is made to identify a host school, there is no guarantee that a host school will be identified. All requests for registration with another school with must be approved by the USABO to ensure that all legal restrictions of the school and its administration are respected and followed.

Please note that the Open and Semifinal Exams will be administered only once online by the Art of Problem Solving (AoPS) on the date and time as published in the online calendar. Students must also register with AoPS. For AoPS registration dates, please see the calendar.

Eligibility Requirements

  • High school seniors are eligible provided that they have not enrolled formally in an undergraduate program at a college or university.
  • All interested students in grades 9 to 12 are eligible to participate in the USABO.
  • Students must be U.S. citizens or legal permanent residents of the United States.
  • Home-schooled students are invited to participate in the USABO. Arrangements must be made before the close of registration through the USABO to participate in the exam at high schools within their local area. Home-schooled students may be responsible for the $95.00 registration fee.